we are not your type

Launched February 2017 by Louisa meng, not your type is a collection of curated vintage gems, hand-picked to break all the rules. Each unique piece combines vintage flare with androgynous street chic and refined high fashion, giving women and men who feel they don't fit into types or molds an outlet for self-expression.  


handpicked & curated by LM


From years of experience styling and thrifting, Each NYT piece is carefully selected to be an integral part of every chic wardrobe. purposely curated to avoid the expected, nyt refines vintage style and offers pieces you didn't realize your closet was missing. done by paying attention to every detail, ensuring quality and fit, and considering versatile styling options for each item.

Style with substance

Nyt VALUEs INDIVIDUALITY & STYLE THAT’S GROUNDED IN SUBSTANCE; A PRESENCE THAT GOES BEYOND THE EXTERIOR AND INTO THE TANGIBLE AND AUTHENTIC. Besides supplying standout vintage finds, nyt is a source and influencer for styling, art and culture.


_MG_3442 square.jpeg

When it comes to fashion, there's few things we love more than blurring the lines between feminine and masculine. Our collection is not exclusive to either and features many pieces that can be worn by both men and women. This androgynous approach evidently influences the aesthetic and values of nyt.